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Terrafirma 4x4 Propshafts

Wide angle propshafts
Wide angle propshafts are necessary for vehicles fitted with very long travel suspension where on full axle drop the original propshaft yoke will bind up straining the joints and ultimately locking the shaft solid which in extreme cases can literally tear the shaft in half.
Land Rover Defender 90 Land Rover Defender 110 Land Rover Discovery 1 Land Rover Discovery 2
Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear** Front Rear
200Tdi TFWA650 TFWA635 TFWA650 TFWA1050 TFWA650 TFWA850
300 Tdi TFWA610 TFWA680 TFWA610 TFWA1050 TFWA610 TFWA850
V8 1994 to 1998 TFWA610 TFWA610 TFWA1050 TFWA610 TFWA875
Td5 1998 to 2002 TFWA610 TFWA680 TFWA610 TFWA1050 TFWA850
Td5 2002 to 2007 TFWA610 TFWA680 TFWA610 TFWA1140
Td4 2007 on TFWA680 TFWA630 TFWA680 TFWA1070
** Required to replace 3 bolt flexi coupling.

Double cardan propshafts
Lifting a vehicle by raising the suspension alters the propshaft angles which often causes sever vibration. The most efective way to eliminate vibration is to fit a propshaft with a double cardan joint.
Defender 90 Defender 110 Discovery 1 Propshaft accessories Part numbers
Front Front Front Diff Flange Kit (4 bolt)** STC4858
200Tdi 3/8 UNF Propshaft Nuts NZ606041L
300 Tdi TFDC610 TFDC610 TFDC610 3/8 UNF Propshaft Bolts 509045P
V8 1994 to 1998 TFDC610 TFDC610 TFDC610 WA Replacement UJ HS163
Td5 1998 to 2007 TFDC610 TFDC610
Td4 2007 on TFDC680 TFDC680
* Terrafirma Double Cardan propshafts are a direct replacement and do not require a transfer box flange adaptor. ** Required to replace 3 bolt flexi coupling.
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