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RED Viper Winch

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The Viper winch from RED is the ultimate high performance single motor electric winch, capable of being used in the most demanding conditions. RED Winches has designed and developed this high performance winch for 4x4 competition use and serious motorsport events.

The Viper can give you speeds of 20m/min pulling 2700kg (24v on 12v BOW 2) and 14m/min pulling 2700kg (12v on 12v BOW 2).

With a Viper package you will get:

  • Viper Winch Anodised RED, with ‘Patented’ air brake system
  • Solenoid for free-spool and solenoid for brake operation built (to be mounted seperatly next to winch)
  • Albright Heavy Duty Solenoids x 1
  • Hard Anodised Aluminium fairlead
  • Lower mounting interface blocks x 2, used to save you damaging the expensive end housings when mounting

The Viper winch does not come with a rope, a Busbar set or a RED Winch Busbar cover, these have to be purchase seperately if required.

The air system:
Spring pressure applies a steel disc to the brake material when the winch is not in use. This applies the brake and stops the winch from spooling out.

When you winch in or out you energise your Albright solenoids this also energises the air solenoid valve for the brake. This then allows air to go into a specially designed chamber that releases the brake instantly. When you remove your winching finger from the controls the air solenoid dumps the air and the springs apply the brake disc onto the brake pads.

One nice feature is when you are lowering out you can switch your isolator off to the winch (no power to the motors) and just flick the winch out button on your dash. This fires the air solenoid and releases the brake and your vehicle only pulls out rope for the amount of drop your vehicle needs or moves. This means compared to normal winching you do not get overrun or excess rope causing snatching and jerking as the vehicle takes up the slack rope that has been spooled out. This design has been submitted for full patent and is currently protected and patent pending.

The air free-spool:
A piston in the end of the drive shaft moves a large clutch plate in and out off drive pins. The drive is provided by a large drive shaft and splined end.

Brake pad sets and all spare parts can be orderd if needed.

Electrical Power:
The electrical power of this winch is currently supplied by a BOW Motor II. These are supplied normally with a 12v supply from your vehicle. The high power Albright solenoid is used to switch direction of the motor and to also provide a feed to the 12v brake system. These are all proven components and widely available and have been used extensively in the competition and motorsport industry by RED Winches for many years.

Power of the winch is variable due to how your vehicle is setup and the quality of the components used. It also depends on the scale of electrical losses or inefficiencies in the wiring system. As a general rule running 12v DC BOW Motor II with a good powerful supply you can expect the winch to pull 4.5 tonnes...possibly more under certain conditions. Tested with x2 Odyssey PC1500 batteries, 12V supply and ground connections made with 70mm2 cable.

Winch: 32kg (Without Rope)
Shipping Weight: 40kg (with no rope or accessories)

Drive System:
The drive is mechanically provided by a solid steel hardened clutch plate. This is a very tough hardened plate that engages and disengages by an air supply. The clutch plate is driven from the planetary gearbox by a solid steel central shaft. The drive system has been built for strength and durability. When not engaged the ‘free-spool’ of the Viper drum is only between two roller bearings so it extremely free moving allowing the co-driver to run freely with the rope.

Drum Capacity & Pulling Capacity:
The drum can hold 30m (90ft) of 12mm rope. At the end of the drum is a rope securing bolt pattern. This has been specially designed by RED winches to make rope changing easy and simple. All that is required is 1 Allen key to clamp the rope with the four bolts through the middle of the rope.

The patented designed brakes work in a way that they only come off when a voltage is applied. When a signal is sent to the winch to operate either forward or reverse that same signal is used to energise the magnets and release the brakes. The brakes are 12v and will always need 12v to operate which is the same voltage used to operate the solenoids. The brake pad is made from a high strength composite ensuring a high strength braking grip, and longevity of the wearing surfaces.

The gearbox has been specifically designed for strength, power and ease of service. All gears are manufactured from 655-M13 nickel chromium molybdenum steel and case hardened to give maximum strength (1100 N/mm²) and excellent durability. The end cover is sealed via an o-ring and groove, ensuring a watertight seal. Once the cover is removed access to all gears is possible and only takes 5mins to change all gears and re-assemble. The gearbox runs in grease not oil making it much easier to service in the field.

The Viper has been designed with both competition use and servicing in mind. Two mounting blocks are provided to interface between the winch and the mounting frame. This reduces the risk of stripping the threads in the winch casing. The free-spool assembly is held in place with machine screws for ease of service. The brake assembly is held on with x4 socket head bolts, allowing full access to the brake pads for service. Brake pads can be changed in 15 minutes.

All RED Winches are backed with a 2-year mechanical warranty. This covers all mechanical parts. Wearing parts, bearings, brake pads etc are excluded, as are electrical components, motors and solenoid packs.

Product Brand: RED Winches
Product Code: REDVIPER
Our Price: £1,495.00


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