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Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential

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Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential (ATB / LSD)
  • 'Helical Gear' type LSD with six gear pockets.
  • Fully automatic, no driver input needed.
  • No unwanted adverse effects on road.
  • Only comes into play when one wheel looses traction (difference in wheel speed).
  • Enhances the traction control as it multiplies the bias load created by the braking effect of the traction control.
  • No special oils required.
  • No adjustment required as the gears compensate for any wear that takes place.
  • 24 spline side gears only.
  • Made to fit metric bearings and a metric diff casing.

The helical gear type ATB has many advantages that overcome the objections to other designs. There is a minimal pre-load necessary to engage the gears but this does not cause excessive wear or harshness, the helical gear type is virtually invisible to the driver on normal road use as the gear/pocket friction simply does not occur.

'Helical Gear' type LSD with six gear pockets - More is better!
The Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential has six sets of helical gears, mounted parallel to the axle. These helical gears are mounted in 'pockets' in the centre carrier, so any radial load on the helical gears causes them the press against the side of the pocket creating friction. This is why we use six pockets as opposed to three in another well known brand, more pockets more friction and better ATB effect.

Better then other ATBs / LSDs
One of the drawbacks of the other ATB differentials is that it is always necessary to have some load on one wheel per axle. To overcome this, the Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential is fitted with some preload springs to provide some loading to the side with no traction in the event of a cross axle.

There are a number of other LSD available including the 'plate type' and the Torsen T1, we believe the ATB is superior to the Plate type LSD principally because of the high preload necessary to make the plate type effective, this high pre load leads to 'harshness and vibration effects' and causes high premature wear. The Torsen T1 was the forerunner ATB and relied on a different principle to generate cross torque, effectively using coupled worm and wheel gears, being driven backwards, to create the necessary friction loads. These often failed due to this high loading destroying the worm gears.

Better than a locker???
When driving on a low traction surface a locked diff can actually cause loss of traction, for example when cornering as both wheels are forced to travel at the same speed. One wheel typically breaks traction transferring all the drive to the other wheel, causing that one to break traction as well. The Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential allows wheel speed difference, while trying to equalise the torque to each wheel, reducing the possibility of a spin out situation.

The Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential can be supplied in various options:

Differential with Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential

+ 3.54 Ring and Pinion + Uprated HD Ring and Pinion + Pegged + Uprated HD Ring and Pinion and Pegged
Base price £255 £215 £255 £215
Ashcroft ATB £295 £295 £295 £295
Uprated HD Ring and Pinion £140 £140
Pegged £130 £130
Total Exchange (Rover) £550 £650 £680 £780
P38 add £65 £65 £65 £65
Total Exchange (P38) £615 £715 £745 £845
Core charge (Rover) £75 £75 £75 £75
Core charge (P38) £100 £100 £100 £100
  • Series Land Rovers will need both a 4.7 spacer ring and a pair of Imperial bearing sleeves.
  • Pre 1983 RR diff will need the Imperial bearing sleeves.
  • P38 RR or the late 110 non Salisbury rear axle will need to use this Spacer ring.
Please state details of your vehicle when ordering.

Challenger 4x4 Land Rover Parts and Off-Road accessories

Product Brand: Ashcroft
Product Code: ATB10
Our Price: £335.00


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